In A New Light

In A New Light

Past a year of ruin, of love that didn’t hold,
A life that almost broke, I’m taking a new chance
Before the temple of fate.
I have dropped old names of sorrow,
Long crushed the butt of cigarette into a pulp,
And risen to the inequities of the world.

Running over some monsoon months now
I have so much recovered my lost parts
In a country I have never thought
Of finding myself one day in.
A country the world knows that also
Went to her knees from unspeakable woes.

Rising up this morning from bed
I padded down the living room of my wooden house
And opened the screened windows and side door
To let the light stream to the core of existence.
I stepped out into the veranda, breathed easily
As I herded in my gaze the neighboring trees
And Khmer houses under the pale blue sky.
Clusters of purple and white bougainvillea frame
The middle front view and the interplay of light
And flowers tells me that I have reined in the beast.

04 November 2000
Pursat, Cambodia


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