Some Others’ Feast, My Stunned Grace

Some Others’ Feast, My Stunned Grace

A family of gecko
Has established home
Within my home.
Between us- a held darkness
In the field of lightning,
Knowing our state
Of constant departures,
That we keep
Each other’s company
As gesture of compassion,
A scuttling token
Of magnificence;
This Cambodian evening
Of unlit incense,
Of books raging to be opened
So words can come
Hurtling through space
Out of known aggravations.

Some strength of will,
The mother gecko lies so still
For a stretch of time
Against the wall,
Aiming for itinerant fliers,
The light seekers.
The young left to their own device
Are learning incipient lessons
Of going for a kill.
As philosophy and jazz
Stay cold, this slaughter
Brightly unfolds.

22 February 2007
Koh Kong,Cambodia


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