The Hunter

The Hunter 

Coming back,
Slipping into this city
Like sick & blue rain,
I become common,
All too sudden part
Of conventional motions.
A warrior-hunter
From another island,
Retriever of sunken lives,
I’d learned the craft
Of bouncing like moon,
The merriment of sharks,
Breaking wild
Into wilderness.
I have come.
I have transpired
As an inevitable event.
But how you welcomed me
In my locker,
Ridiculous firework that didn’t
Come off, didn’t experience
How to catch me
By surprise,
The simple thing of passing
Joke and being
Shocked at our own

Published in Caracoa 18 (Philippines)




2 thoughts on “The Hunter

  1. teddyyyyyy!!!!

    yes, this is it – i love this piece. i remember – i do remember that day. ha ha ha! thanks for posting . . fyi – i bought a copy of caracoa where this was published. didn’t expect me to “locate this poem? LOL. remember, i was trained too – well, this brings back unforgettable memories – the camaraderie . . . ingat and good luck!

  2. dear lorna,

    thanks for remembering this poem. this is one of the early and intense poems i had written during our “underground” days in cebu. in my heaps of memories those times are really unforgetable. they’re so distinct, vivid, and “gut-wrenching” to this day!

    i missed the walk to white gold. we were so young then haha. we get on with life… and we don’t forget…

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