Gosammer Composition

Gossamer Composition

You could well be the counterpart of Yasujiro Ozu’s
Elderly couple in Tokyo Story, gazing at the sea
On a breakwater.

The soft twilight impinging on your memories
Of sons and daughters leaves vacant
The sound of years in each corner of your life.

They have long grown to the grind
Of living, now wrapped up in their own struggles.
Now you feel the desolation gnawing

At the root of things,
The severity of finding yourselves
In the harshest terms of solitude after all.

Your last moment together has become
A tabloid spectacle, razor-edged sorrow
Cutting your face as you hold

Your husband lifeless in your arms
On the curb of the boulevard,
Both of you delicate and grey,

Your pedestrian clothes carried loose
By the thin bones bagged by furrowed skin.
At his side is the guitar

Miraculously left whole from the swipe
Of a thoughtless car. He must have had played earlier
To reaffirm his undying love or to serenade

The world with the beauty of your faith-
Bittersweet song, bittersweet tears
For a black & white exit.

(Calligraphy by Machao Niizuma: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Happiness)


2 thoughts on “Gosammer Composition

  1. Your poetry never fails to touch my deepest being. You are the same Teddy I have known ( I think). I am surprised you left a message after so long. Yup I did thought I have lost you.

    Take care Ted. All the best for you.


  2. Thanks, Lei. I’ll be more accessible, I hope. For me this is what the business of living amounts to, not being able to catch up, missing out on a lot of things… Have to do better, try harder. Keep well. Cheers!

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