A Week of Encounter with Snakes

A Week of Encounter with Snakes

From Canada, the snake poems
of Margaret Atwood’s are snared
in the interplay of sun and rain
In Cambodian siesta hours.
The snake enters your dreams…
O snake, you are an argument for poetry…
Yesterday, one wanders
through a grassy path,
green-yellow and thin
akin to an impoverished finger.
I let it pass, slither under the house,
let it seek its own happiness.
Today we see two in the field,
bearing gobs of venom both,
one I almost crush underfoot.
But in both instance,
Bunleng clubs them to death
on vegetable rows .
Goners as Fate would have it,
as Dostoevsky, Darwin, Nietzsche,
Or Eve of Eden
have their own take.

15 August 2008
Koh Kong, Cambodia


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