Stopover By Okai River

Stopover By Okai River

White crush of mountain water,
then green-gray rush.
Bunch of butterflies gleam
and skitter at the touch
of sun. On the rock
a cigarette lies dying.
The seething sound of the forest
will seem to stay
forever between light
and dark, births and deaths
of every creation
as we ascend back through
outcrops and bushes,
leaving behind something
irrecoverable: the gesture
of throwing chicken bones
and jackfruit seeds through the flow,
the cold felt by our hands,
words spoken and sounds gathered,
breaths exhaled finding
other body. We get diminished
at each passing growth of seeds,
the snap of wings or tumble
of water, until we become
mere breath
in the home of infinity,
a dew of memory
in the world of leaves
and spirits.

September 2006
Chiphat, Koh Kong, Cambodia


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