Do they know that it’s Christmas?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

While having lunch with the project staff, it occurred to me that ACPC- my former office back home for a good solid ten years (1990-2000)- is doing its Christmas party today. The sudden thought triggered an onslaught of memories of all those happy parties I had been to. On this occasion each division or work unit in the office presents a talent show in which the best presenters go home with, well, a token prize. I remember at one time, I think in 1998, we bagged the title for a simple loony bit of Carribean theme dance we pulled off on the beach of Caylabne in Cavite. It was at once crazy, funny, and bizarre because our group did a last minute rehearsal in our office in Ortigas, Pasig when everybody had already arrived in the party venue hours before. After we thought we had achieved perfection we hailed a taxi to take us to Cavite. A taxi ride from Pasig to Cavite! We arrived hours after dark and the program was about to start.Yeah, as I mentioned we were the eventual winner… or bummer that evening.

Looking back on those merry times at Christmas, I see the stark contrast of the setting where I am in now. Another December in a remote village of Bhuddist Cambodia, sharing lunch with the Khmers as we talk about work spiced up with jokes, while bubble thoughts about Christmas hover above my head.

Koh Kong, Cambodia


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