Finally to Nha Trang

Finally to Nha Trang

This night trip on a bus from Ho Chi Minh,
where accommodations are narrow steel beds
(and WC at every designated stops),
rolls down a quirky turn in the passage.
Not alien from every journey I make, I think.
A traveler’s eureka of “same same but different”.

No idea of where we are now. How far still
to Nha Trang. A stop by the roadside for nature’s call.
At daybreak, I’m taking all this in even
in my world-weary years. The mountains near and far,
bushes which we water with piss,
a waft of cool breeze grazing my skin, earth and pebbles
under my sandals, a handful of stars fading, fading…
pinch of light coming intense, spreading across the sky,
all are on a new page of magnificence and strangeness,
burning in the mind, burning, and burning.

24 April 2009
Nha Trang, Vietnam


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