Off to a Far Deeper Dream

Off to a Far Deeper Dream

                                   “Reading opens us up so we can live everywhere”

                                                  – Naomi Shihab Nye


It was some kind of a spacecraft that started
From the lift and ascended floor by floor
As bunch of people dash mad on the stairs
In chase of it. Both of us were actually
Among these believers or should we say
Readers in the minority who travel tirelessly
Through vast spaces of the mind,
For sheer novelty of being here, there, everywhere,
Collector of things that are eventually
Rained on and discarded by sheer speed
With which they are shaped and turned over.

Suddenly the search came to a full stop,
The spaceship was released from the lift
And took flight. And funny to see you looking
Down on us gloating after shutting quick a bolt
In a frenzied declaration of desertion.
I yelled, Hey! What book are you taking?

12 November 2004
Koh Kong, Cambodia


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