Of Hot Affairs & Cool Cafe

Monday, 30 November 2009

Just came away from a meeting. Now, happily surfing the web for news and updates on my facebook in one of Phnom Penh’s trendy cafes.

There’s this item about Tiger Wood’s breaking silence over his accident and asking people to respect his privacy, alluding to rumours about his current affair with a New York hostess. Another superstar sportsman in his league now in the extramarital play is Manny Pacquiao. His is with a movie starlet. What’s with this thing about the world’s sports greats? Oh yes it’s their private life. Who am I to pass judgement?

I feel strange hearing a cacophony of foreign words from where I’m sitting and working with the laptop, finishing off a chunk of pizza. Two ladies converse in Spanish intensely (where some familiar words keep me distracted into an attempt to put some sense of what is being extracted from their own construct of reality); and in another table are Khmer locals who also talk loudly in their language.

This is my second visit to this cafe called Coffee Maker. Some feat of intelligence to have come up with such a brilliant name! Before, I used to dismiss it as just another cafe that sprouted in the city. But how it’s already growing on me! (to borrow my friend Maros’s fresh shout-out in her facebook, refering to her new “home” which is Samoa). My newfound hangout. Her current posting in the Pacific.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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