Before the Rush

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Some small meetings today that kind of perked things up. A new project looming in the horizon in the serious affair of conservation in this part of Cambodia. It’s slowly taking shape with no non-sense push here and there. A new challenge of garguantuan scale if I may be permitted of exaggeration.

Because of this, I have to shorten my Christmas break back home in Manila. Flying on the 23rd and getting back on new year’s day. Whew! On new year’s day! That would be a first for me. Spending the first day of the year 33,000 feet off the ground.

Meantime, I really don’t have time now to trouble myself with finding presents and pasalubong for folks back home. Only a frantic buy at the Russian Market (Toul Tumpong) at one crammed hour would get me somewhere. I don’t know… But this is not entirely new to me. Been there, done that. So I’ll see again…

Koh Kong, Cambodia


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